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Light Up Saber - 2 Pack

Light Up Saber - 2 Pack

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From a galaxy far away... Well, not really. But these 31” light up sabers sure look like they’re from outer space. Hold up the thickened telescopic handle and switch on the led “laser” blade, and you’re the star of the war. - 3 colored lights: both of these sabers have three light modes - red, blue, and purple. Choose your favorite color to pick your skill level and to show off what side you’ve picked in this interstellar battle. - Motion sensitive sound effects: start dueling with a friend, and every time your sabers clash, you’ll hear electric sound effects that match your movements. It’s perfect for immersive games or realistic cosplay. - Connect two sabers, make a double-ended sword: when you connect the handles of the sabers, you create one long, double-edged laser weapon. All you’ll need next is a hooded cloak and a spaceship, and you’ll be ready to take on the galaxy.

Ages: 3+

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