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Tiger 1 German Heavy Tank Brick Building Set

Tiger 1 German Heavy Tank Brick Building Set

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Experience the realism of the German Tiger 1 tank from WWII. In this brand new 689 piece IMEX-Oxford brick building kit of the German Main Tank 1.

  • This replica is hyper-realistic and suitable for ages 8 and up. Fitted bricks are compatible with all major brands and will work with your existing collection.

  • The Tiger 1 is the first in a new WWII tank series that will soon include the release of the Sherman tank.

  • The kit comes complete with stickers. Our high-quality replica is made of ABS plastic, safe, durable, and made for long-term use. The box contains 100% compatible parts and a detailed color instruction manual.

  • A great construction game for any boy, girl, teenager, or adult. Help promote an interest in history, real life events, and all things military with this enjoyable game. The finished product is a fantastic static model for hobbyist enthusiasts, teachers, historians, or just military tank fun.

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